House music at weddings

Many people enjoy getting married and this can be the perfect time for a great party. There are many different elements to a good wedding and one of these is the music that is played. There is often a party that takes place and a DJ will be required to play tracks at this event. There are many different types of music that can be played at the wedding disco and this includes tracks with a rhythm and an uplifting set of sounds. This is most commonly found in house music and there are now many different genres and styles to choose from. In this article we will take a look at the different types of house music that you may wish to use at a wedding event.

Many people choose house music as a great genre to dance to, and this works especially well at weddings as there is often a great baseline in the tracks. Many modern house tracks also remix the 80s classics and this will be perfectly suited for those that are getting married at this particular time. Tracks launch as 'Around the world' by Daft punk are often requested and others such as 'Believe' by Cher will always stay popular at an event such as a wedding.

However, the term 'House music' is fairly broad and there are many different genres of house that fit into this larger genre. In general, chill out house, funky house, trance house and lounge music can be good and will create an uplifting feeling that will keep people moving. There are now many different house tracks to choose from and it can be a good idea to go online and search for popular requested tracks and tracklists, so as to help you get an idea of the best options. However, you will need to remember that many of these tracks fit into the 118 to 135BPM range and so it is important that you choose tracks that sit within this tempo.