The development of house music

Dance music is now more popular than ever and many people choose to go out clubbing every weekend, so as to enjoy the world of music that is available. One of the most popular forms of dance music is that of house music and this consists of a steady 4x4 beat that is consistent and also contains a selection of different sounds.

House music is a form of music that developed over the years and has now become one of the main forms of dance music across the world. However, it's origins are originally based in the heart of the USA in Chicago. In this article we will take a look at the origins of house music and will outline how it developed across the world.

In the early 80s the original form of house music began to develop with a DJ such as Frankie Knucles, who played and blended disco tracks from the era. This popularity in style then spread to Europe and made its way through the different countries based in Europe throughout the late to early 90s. It then started to gain recognition through out the rest of the world when it started to hit the charts.

The initial start of house music takes its design from the early disco tracks that influence the tracks. They were then made using drum machines and computerised affects to make the sounds that are featured in the tracks. House music will also have a soulful element and these styles have been developed from disco music. Many new styles of house music have been developed and this includes micro house and fidget house, and record labels such as defected records continue to push the sound. It is also now played at some of the biggest festivals around the world, and this includes events such as cream fields in the UK and The winter music conference in Miami.